The Story Behind The Clothing Brand Egyptian Collections

Pictured to the Left Sole Founder and Designer of Egyptian Collections Since an early age, I have had a strong Passion for fashion. I love designing and drawing due to my parents working in the arts industry doing fashion and graphic design. Since I can remember I have always been a perfectionist in what I have done to get the best result. The design came about around the time my daughter was due to be born I had some spare time on my hands and started drawing the result in the end came up with this symbol it illustrates how much my daughter means to me as a whole she is my Gold hence the Gold colour scheme as well as the wealth and treasure Egypt brings to the world as a country it is one of my ambitions in life to visit and explore regards to the brand name it was decided through the design that I drew all relating around the pyramids to make the symbol which resulted in the brand symbol being named Egyptian I hope you the public enjoy wearing my clothing range.